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From time to time we invite academics to propose research in specific areas that align with our mission of building community and bringing the world closer together.

Invitations typically address specific research challenges that we have identified are important in our mission. These vary in nature and may solicit proposals from individual researchers addressing a well-defined problem or may require multiple university departments to collaborate with a diverse set of skills to solve a more complex multi-disciplinary challenge.

Calls for proposals align to specific areas of research. They offer insight to the academic community on topical research questions of interest to Facebook, where academic insight is key.

Specific details on timing and criteria will apply to each call.

Open Research Awards

January 13, 2020

Measuring Economic Impact in the Digital Economy request for proposals

With over two billion users and 140 million businesses, digital connections across Facebook apps and technologies—Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Oculus—have meaningful economic impacts on the millions of users and businesses all over the world. With this reach and level of daily engagement in the world’s economic activity, there is significant interest in identifying the value of this economic impact. Facebook invites academics to respond to this call for request for proposals (RFP) about measuring the value of economic impact in the digital economy.

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January 9, 2020

Role of Applied Cryptography in a Privacy-Focused Advertising Ecosystem request for proposals

One of the areas we’re increasingly focused on at Facebook is how we can design our products and services in ways that preserve privacy while still making powerful statistical inferences from data. With advancements in cryptography and computation, we seek to enable equivalent (and unlock new) functionality while maintaining or enhancing technical guarantees of user-level privacy. Advancements in the field would facilitate collaborations between industry and academic partners without the risk of private data being learned by the other parties. They would also facilitate learning patterns and trends that can be used to benefit the broader population while still keeping information private for each consumer. Facebook is pleased to invite the academic community to submit research proposals that address these opportunities.

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December 10, 2019

Towards On-Device AI request for proposals

AI has the potential to transform almost everything around us. It can change the way humans interact with the world by making the objects around us “smart” — capable of constantly learning, adapting, and providing proactive assistance. The beginnings of this trend can already be seen in the new capabilities coming to Smartphones (speech assistant, camera night mode) as well as the new class of “smart” devices such as smart watches, smart thermostats, and so on. However, the current class of “smart” devices run much of the computation on the cloud (or a remote host) — costing them transmission power and response latency as well as causing potential privacy concerns. This limits their ability to provide a compelling user experience and realize the true potential of an “AI-everywhere” world. Facebook is pleased to invite university faculty to respond to this call for research proposals on enabling execution of artificial intelligence (AI) based capabilities within the constraints of edge devices.

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December 8, 2019

Ethics in AI Research Initiative for the Asia Pacific request for proposals

AI technological developments pose intricate and complex ethical questions that the industry alone cannot answer. Important research questions in the application of AI should be dealt with not only by the companies building and deploying the technology, but also by independent academic research institutions. The latter are best equipped to pursue interdisciplinary research that will benefit society. To help support the need for thoughtful and groundbreaking academic research in these areas, Facebook is supporting independent academic research work in the Asia Pacific in the field of AI ethics that takes into account different regional perspectives. This research initiative will also complement Facebook’s efforts that bolster independent research being done in these areas, like supporting the TUM Institute for Ethics in AI and similar initiatives being supported by Facebook in other countries and regions, such as India and Latin America.

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Closed Research Awards

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