Research Awards

From time to time we invite academics to propose research in specific areas that align to our mission of making the world more open and connected.

Invitations typically address specific research challenges that we have identified are important in our mission of making the world more open and connected; these vary in nature and may solicit proposals from individual researchers addressing a well-defined problem or may require multiple university departments to collaborate with a diverse set of skills to solve a more complex multi-disciplinary challenge.

Calls for proposals align to specific areas of research. They offer insight to the academic community on topical research questions of interest to Facebook, where academic insight is key.

Specific details on timing and criteria will apply to each call.

Open Research Awards

June 23, 2017

Caffe2 research award competition request for proposals

Facebook invites proposals from university teams and individual researchers interested in using Caffe2 to push limits of the state-of-the-art AI and Machine Learning technologies.

June 13, 2017

ParlAI request for proposals

Building intelligent chatbots is a very topical research challenge and Facebook is trying to accelerate these endeavors — first by creating and sharing relevant tooling and by sponsoring research that explores and extends this infrastructure.