We support cutting-edge research and build long-term relationships with top research institutions around the world. To help achieve this, Facebook awards exceptional professors with research awards to support their ongoing research efforts. Awards typically result from our Research Awards program.

Note: previous awardees are archived here but the latest and most recent announcements first appear on our blog.

Bart Piet Knijnenburg

Clemson University

RFP: HCI & UX - 2019

Philip Kohen

Johns Hopkins University


Machine Translation - 2015

Sarit Kraus

Bar Ilan University

RFP: Instagram - 2019

Frauke Kreuter

University of Maryland


User Experience - 2016

Tushar Krishna

Georgia Institute of Technology

RFP: Infrastructure - 2019

Arvind Krishnamurthy

University of Washington


Infrastructure - 2015

Sudhir Krishnaswamy

Centre for Law and Policy Research

RFP: AI Ethics - India - 2019

Theresa Kuchler

New York University

Assistant Professor

Economics - 2018

Ritesh Kumar

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Agra

RFP: Content Policy Research - 2019

Tom Kwanya

The Technical University of Kenya

RFP: Content Policy Research - 2019

Cliff Lampe

University of Michigan


CDS + GR - 2015

Neil Lawrence

University of Sheffield


Machine Learning - 2015

Kristina Lerman

University of Southern California

Associate Professor

Data Science - 2016

Kevin Leyton-Brown

University of British Columbia


CDS - 2017

Beibei Li

Carnegie Mellon University

RFP: Data Science - 2019

Jinyang Li


Associate Professor

Distributed System, ML - 2015

Victor O.K. Li

University of Hong Kong


RFP: Neural Machine Translation - 2018

Percy Liang

Stanford University

Assistant Professor

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning - 2016

Jessa Lingel

University of Pennsylvania

Assistant Professor

User Experience - 2018

Zachary Lipton

Carnegie Mellon University

RFP: NLP - 2019

Vincent Liu

University of Pennsylvania

Assistant Professor

Infrastructure - 2017