Dan Zhang

Engineering Manager

I am an engineering manager at Facebook, working on news monetization, brand safety, ads optimization and ads measurement.
Prior to Facebook, I received my PhD from the Computer Science Department at Purdue University in December 2012. I did research on machine learning, data mining and information retrieval.


Machine learning, data mining, and information retrieval

Latest Publications

CIKM - August 22, 2013

Weighted Hashing for Fast Large Scale Similarity Search

Qifan Wang, Dan Zhang, Luo Si

KDD - August 11, 2013

MI2LS: Multi-Instance Learning from Multiple Information Sources

Dan Zhang, Jingrui He, Richard Lawrence

SIGIR - July 23, 2013

Semantic Hashing using Tags and Topic Modeling

Qifan Wang, Dan Zhang, Luo Si

ICML - June 17, 2013

MILEAGE: Multiple Instance LEArning with Global Embedding

Dan Zhang, Jingrui He, Luo Si, Richard Lawrence