Dan Zhang

Engineering Manager

I am an engineering manager at Facebook, working on news monetization, brand safety, ads optimization and ads measurement.
Prior to Facebook, I received my PhD from the Computer Science Department at Purdue University in December 2012. I did research on machine learning, data mining and information retrieval.


Machine learning, data mining, and information retrieval

Latest Publications

Weighted Hashing for Fast Large Scale Similarity Search

Qifan Wang, Dan Zhang, Luo Si

CIKM - August 22, 2013

MI2LS: Multi-Instance Learning from Multiple Information Sources

Dan Zhang, Jingrui He, Richard Lawrence

KDD - August 11, 2013

Semantic Hashing using Tags and Topic Modeling

Qifan Wang, Dan Zhang, Luo Si

SIGIR - July 23, 2013

MILEAGE: Multiple Instance LEArning with Global Embedding

Dan Zhang, Jingrui He, Luo Si, Richard Lawrence

ICML - June 17, 2013