Amy Zhang

PhD Student

I am a PhD candidate at McGill University in the Reasoning and Learning Lab supervised by Joelle Pineau and a researcher at Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research. I hold dual B.S. degrees in EECS and math, and an M.Eng. in EECS from MIT. I previously did research in computer vision, privacy-preserving recommendation, and network coding. I am also a board member of Women in Machine Learning.


I work on state abstractions and deep reinforcement learning, with a focus on model-based methods and generalization.

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Latest Publications

Invariant Causal Prediction for Block MDPs

Amy Zhang, Clare Lyle, Shagun Sodhani, Angelos Filos, Marta Kwiatkowska, Joelle Pineau, Yarin Gal, Doina Precup

ICML - July 14, 2020

Plan2vec: Unsupervised Representation Learning by Latent Plans

Ge Yang, Amy Zhang, Ari Morcos, Joelle Pineau, Pieter Abbeel, Roberto Calandra

Learning for Dynamics & Control (L4DC) - June 10, 2020

Composable Planning with Attributes

Amy Zhang, Adam Lerer, Sainbayar Sukhbaatar, Rob Fergus, Arthur Szlam

ICML 2018 - July 9, 2018

Mapping the world population one building at a time

Tobias Tiecke, Xianming Liu, Amy Zhang, Andreas Gros, Nan Li, Gregory Yetman, Talip Kilic, Siobhan Murray

December 15, 2017

Population Density Estimation with Deconvolutional Neural Networks

Amy Zhang, Xianming Liu, Tobias Tiecke, Andreas Gros

NIPS Workshop - December 6, 2016

Feedback Neural Network for Weakly Supervised Geo-Semantic Segmentation

Xianming Liu, Amy Zhang, Tobias Tiecke, Andreas Gros, Thomas S. Huang

Arxiv - December 6, 2016