Ledell Wu

Research Engineer

I joined Facebook in February 2013 and have worked on newsfeed ranking and newsfeed ads ranking before joining Facebook AI Research Lab. I hold a master’s from University of Toronto, where I studied under Professor Toniann Pitassi in the area of theoretical computer science. I obtained my BS in applied mathematics from Peking University, China.


Machine learning, theory of computing, embedding models and text understanding

Latest Publications

EMNLP - November 16, 2020

Dense Passage Retrieval for Open-Domain Question Answering

Vladimir Karpukhin, Barlas O─čuz, Sewon Min, Patrick Lewis, Ledell Wu, Sergey Edunov, Danqi Chen, Wen-tau Yih

EMNLP - November 16, 2020

Scalable Zero-shot Entity Linking with Dense Entity Retrieval

Ledell Wu, Fabio Petroni, Martin Josifoski, Sebastian Riedel, Luke Zettlemoyer

SysML - April 1, 2019

PyTorch-BigGraph: A Large-scale Graph Embedding System

Adam Lerer, Ledell Wu, Jiajun Shen, Luca Wehrstedt, Abhijit Bose, Alex Peysakhovich

AAAI 2018 - February 2, 2018

StarSpace: Embed All The Things!

Ledell Wu, Adam Fisch, Sumit Chopra, Keith Adams, Antoine Bordes, Jason Weston