Currently a Research Manager at Facebook, I manage and develop teams of qual and quant researchers. I partner with Product Managers, Designers, Data Scientists, Content Strategists, Marketing, and Engineers to identify, execute, and deliver findings into user behavior, attitudes, and experience with various aspects of Facebook. I’ve employed a variety of methods to uncover insights into Sharing, News Feed, Advertising, and Video, including internationally, often times linking behavioral database data with quantitative survey data and qualitative color commentary to paint a more robust picture of our products and the community we are serving. Prior to Facebook, I was Director of Marketing Insights and Analytics at Time Warner Cable and I began my industry career at MaPS, a consulting firm, working with Fortune 100 companies across a variety of industries including technology, retail, financial services, and CPG. When I’m not on Facebook, you can find me running and exploring NYC with my husband and our dog.


Consumer decision making, market research, cognitive psychology, social psychology, sentiment tracking, segmentation

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