I am a research scientist on the query understanding and document understanding team (a.k.a NLP team) at Facebook. I lead the query entity linking and document entity linking production services. Our services handle billions of Facebook queries and posts every day. Before Facebook, I was a Lead Researcher at Microsoft Research, and led several projects: Probase (a.k.a. Microsoft Concept Graph, knowledge mining from Web), Enterprise Dictionary (knowledge mining from Enterprise), and Digital ME (a personal artificial intelligent assistant).

I received my Ph.D. degree (advisors are Haixun Wang and Ji-Rong Wen), master’s degree (advisor was Xiaofeng Meng) and bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Renmin University of China. I have published 30+ papers (including ICDE 2015 Best Paper Award) in referred international conferences, such as VLDB, ICDE, IJCAI, CIKM, etc. I was the instructor of tutorial “Understanding Short Texts” in the top natural language processing conference ACL 2016. I’m also the author of book “Short Text Understanding”(published in 2017), and the co-author of the book “Web Data Management: Concepts and Techniques”(published in 2014). Currently, I hold 5 US patents and 1 Chinese patent.


Knowledge base, natural language processing, deep learning, and web data mining.