Dilin Wang

Research Scientist

I am a Research Scientist at Facebook. My research interests are primarily in machine learning, with a focus on energy-efficient deep learning and AR/VR. I did my Ph.D. in CS at UT Austin, where I was advised by Qiang Liu.

Latest Publications

ICML - July 18, 2021

AlphaNet: Improved Training of Supernets with Alpha-Divergence

Dilin Wang, Chengyue Gong, Meng Li, Qiang Liu, Vikas Chandra

CVPR - June 19, 2021

KeepAugment: A Simple Information-Preserving Data Augmentation Approach

Chengyue Gong, Dilin Wang, Meng Li, Vikas Chandra, Qiang Liu

CVPR - June 19, 2021

AttentiveNAS: Improving Neural Architecture Search via Attentive Sampling

Dilin Wang, Meng Li, Chengyue Gong, Vikas Chandra