Martin Valdez-Vivas

Research Data Scientist

I am a Research Data Scientist on the Infrastructure Data Science team. My research consists of mathematical modeling to optimize the operation of large-scale hardware and software systems, including data and machine learning platforms.

Prior to Facebook, I was a researcher on the Ads Sciences team at Yahoo Labs. I have a Ph.D. in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University and got my undergraduate degree from the ORFE department at Princeton University.


Scheduling, resource management, operations research, anomaly detection

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Latest Publications

SIGKDD - August 14, 2021

Clockwork: a Delay-Based Global Scheduling Framework for More Consistent Landing Times in the Data Warehouse

Martin Valdez-Vivas, Varun Sharma, Nick Stanisha, Shan Li, Luo Mi, Wei Jiang, Alex Kalinin, Josh Metzler

KDD 2018 - August 19, 2018

A real-time framework for detecting efficiency regressions in a globally distributed codebase

Martin Valdez-Vivas, Caner Gocmen, Andrii Korotkov, Ethan Fang, Kapil Goenka, Sherry Chen