Kartikeya Upasani

Software Engineer

I joined the Natural Language Generation team in Messenger in April 2018. I work on deep learning based approaches for task oriented NLG.

I received my master’s degree from Columbia University in 2018 where I worked on fine-grained bird species classification using CNNs. I did research on manufacturing planning while pursuing my bachelor’s degree at IIT Indore.


Natural language generation

Latest Publications

LREC - May 15, 2020

MuDoCo: Corpus for Multidomain Coreference Resolution and Referring Expression Generation

Scott Martin, Shivani Poddar, Kartikeya Upasani

ACL - August 1, 2019

Constrained Decoding for Neural NLG from Compositional Representations in Task-Oriented Dialogue

Anusha Balakrishnan, Jinfeng Rao, Kartikeya Upasani, Michael White, Rajen Subba