Chunqiang (CQ) Tang

Research Scientist & Engineering Manager

I am a research scientist and engineering manager at Facebook.  I work on Facebook’s large infrastructure, including key-value store, configuration management, continuous integration and service platform. Previously, I was a research staff member and manager at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. I received my PhD in computer science from the University of Rochester in 2004. More details about my work and research publication can be found at my website.


Distributed systems, cloud computing, operating systems, storage systems, computer networks, and information retrieval

Latest Publications

Holistic Configuration Management at Facebook

Chunqiang (CQ) Tang, Thawan Kooburat, Pradeep Venkat, Akshay Chander, Zhe Wen, Aravind Narayanan, Patrick Dowell, Robert Karl

SOSP'15 - October 4, 2015