People are the lens through which I see products—my units of analysis are attitudes and behavior. I am a research psychologist practicing in the product development space; my toolkit is multidisciplinary (quantitative and qualitative; psychological, anthropological, etc). At Facebook, I work with the and Core Growth teams. My primary focus revolves around creating product and market solutions to increase internet and Facebook product accessibility among people who have previously had little or no internet access (for any reason). Prior to Facebook, I worked at Google for four years, first as a user experience researcher at YouTube leading the research groups for surveys and creator-facing products, and then as a technical lead and manager for research in the Payments Products division at Google. Before Google, I spent a year at Microsoft Research’s Social Computing Group. I received my PhD in social and personality psychology and quantitative methods from the University of Washington and my BA in psychology, economics and cognitive science from Cornell University. I am passionate about bridging the gap between industry and academia and I maintain a Visiting Scholar appointment in the Department of Psychology at Cornell University.


Behavioral science, social psychology, human-centered design, universal design, emerging markets and social justice