Bogdan State

Data Scientist

I am a computational sociologist. I received an MA and PhD in sociology from Stanford University, where I am also pursuing an MS in computer science. I am interested in using digital data to decipher the basic mechanisms of human social interaction. My experience includes over four years working as a data scientist in Silicon Valley. I work on the Facebook Core Data Science team, where my contributions have ranged from developing large-scale business intelligence systems to improving the performance of ranking models. I get excited easily when left near very large social datasets.


Social networks, algorithmic integrity, human mobility and social norms

Latest Publications

Do Diffusion Protocols Govern Cascade Growth?

Justin Cheng, Jon Kleinberg, Jure Leskovec, David Liben-Nowell, Bogdan State, Karthik Subbian, Lada Adamic

ICWSM 2018 - June 25, 2018

The Social Ties of Immigrant Communities in the United States

Amaç Herdağdelen, Bogdan State, Lada Adamic, Winter Mason

WEBSCI - May 22, 2016