Rohit Singh

Research Scientist

I am a machine learning researcher on the Ads Ranking team at Facebook where I am working on developing large scale machine learning technologies behind Facebook’s advertising marketplace. I graduated with a PhD from MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) in 2017. My research work involved applications of machine learning, quantitative game theory and program synthesis in multiple domains from the fields of compilers and databases.

Prior to Facebook, I worked on applications of various AI techniques including deep probabilistic inference (using Pyro/Pytorch) across multiple marketplace teams (cost, price, surge and demand modeling) at Uber AI Labs. I have also worked as an intern at Google where I used Google Brain’s deep-learning framework for an application within the YouTube Ads team and as a PM intern at Yelp where I worked on a machine learning application on Ad CTR prediction and modeling bias treatment.


Ranking and information retrieval, deep bayesian modeling, neural architecture search, program synthesis