Xiao Shi

Software Engineer

I focus on distributed consistency and consensus problems at Facebook. My team, Core Data Boston, works on strengthening various consistency guarantees over Facebook’s read-optimized data stores that serve the social graph. Recently I have been working on distributed transactions over federated systems.

I co-wrote the folly F14 hash table; I was a core contributor to the dynamic membership change protocol of LogDevice, a strongly consistent shared log that leverages flexible quorums; and I occasionally experiment with ideas on Delos, a metadata store centered around virtual consensus, for fun. I received my BS in computer science from Yale University in 2015.


Distributed systems, consistency, consensus, transactions

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Latest Publications

VLDB - August 16, 2021

RAMP-TAO: Layering Atomic Transactions on Facebook’s Online TAO Data Store

Audrey Cheng, Xiao Shi, Lu Pan, Anthony Simpson, Neil Wheaton, Shilpa Lawande, Nathan Bronson, Peter Bailis, Natacha Crooks, Ion Stoica

OSDI - November 4, 2020

FlightTracker: Consistency across Read-Optimized Online Stores at Facebook

Xiao Shi, Scott Pruett, Kevin Doherty, Jinyu Han, Dmitri Petrov, Jim Carrig, John Hugg, Nathan Bronson

OSDI - November 4, 2020

Virtual Consensus in Delos

Mahesh Balakrishnan, Jason Flinn, Chen Shen, Mihir Dharamshi, Ahmed Jafri, Xiao Shi, Santosh Ghosh, Hazem Hassan, Aaryaman Sagar, Rhed Shi, Jingming Liu, Filip Gruszczynski, Xianan Zhang, Huy Hoang, Ahmed Yossef, Francois Richard, Yee Jiun Song