Parikshit Shah

Research Scientist

I am currently a research scientist at Facebook active in the areas of machine learning, optimization, algorithmic fairness, integrity and ad marketplaces. In the past I have been a research scientist at Yahoo, where I worked on optimization and machine learning with applications to ranking, personalization and computational advertising. I have held research positions at Philips Research, the University of Wisconsin and a visiting position at the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics. I received my PhD from MIT EE/CS (Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems) under the supervision of Pablo Parrilo. Earlier, I obtained my master’s degree at Stanford and a bachelor’s degree from the wonderful Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. I am a recipient of the INFORMS Optimization Society Young Researcher Prize (2016).


Optimization, machine learning, statistics and applications to industry problems

Latest Publications

Robust Market Equilibria with Uncertain Preferences

Riley Murray, Christian Kroer, Alex Peysakhovich, Parikshit Shah

AAAI - February 12, 2020