Raz Schwartz

Research Manager AR/VR

I am a research manager on the Facebook AR/VR team. My team focuses on studying social interactions in AR/VR environments by applying qualitative and quantitative methods.

Before joining the team I was a research lead at Oculus and studied social interactions in VR as well as the UX experience of Oculus Go and Rift. Prior to Facebook, I was a postdoctoral researcher at Cornell Tech and at Rutgers University as well as a research fellow at the Brown Institute for Media Innovation at Columbia Journalism School. During my Ph.D., I was a visiting scholar at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

My work was published in various academic settings and was featured in media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Wired, Rhizome, and The Atlantic.


Computational social science, location-based technology, contextual information

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Latest Publications

IEEE VR - March 21, 2020

Evaluating Virtual Reality Experiences Through Participant Choices

María Murcia López, Tara Collingwoode-Williams, William Steptoe, Raz Schwartz, Timothy Loving, Mel Slater

CSCW - November 9, 2019

Harassment in Social Virtual Reality: Challenges for Platform Governance

Lindsay Blackwell, Nicole Ellison, Natasha Elliott-Deflo, Raz Schwartz

IEEEVR - March 28, 2019

Harassment in Social VR: Implications for Design

Lindsay Blackwell, Nicole Ellison, Natasha Elliott-Deflo, Raz Schwartz