Itamar Rosenn

Data Scientist - Core Data Science

I am a Data Scientist specializing in basic social science and macro-level product analysis across the Facebook family of apps. I have been at Facebook since January 2007, when I joined as the company’s first dedicated Data Scientist. In that role, I supported the company‚Äôs user growth and product growth during its early years. As an Engineering Manager during 2012 – 2018, I helped to build and support teams for developing company-wide analytics capabilities: company metrics, experimentation tools, survey tools, logging infrastructure, and data discovery. Prior to Facebook, I studied Symbolic Systems and Economics at Stanford University.


Computational social science, metrics design, causal inference

Latest Publications

EC - June 8, 2012

Social Influence in Social Advertising: Evidence from Field Experiments

Eytan Bakshy, Dean Eckles, Rong Yan, Itamar Rosenn

WWW - April 16, 2012

The Role of Social Networks in Information Diffusion

Eytan Bakshy, Itamar Rosenn, Cameron Marlow, Lada Adamic

ICWSM - July 17, 2011

Center of Attention: How Facebook Users Allocate Attention across Friends

Lars Backstrom, Eytan Bakshy, Jon Kleinberg, Thomas Lento, Itamar Rosenn

ICWSM - April 19, 2010

ePluribus: Ethnicity on Social Networks

Jonathan Chang, Itamar Rosenn, Lars Backstrom, Cameron Marlow

ICWSM - April 1, 2009

Gesundheit! Modeling Contagion through Facebook News Feed

Eric Sun, Itamar Rosenn, Cameron Marlow, Thomas Lento