Sebastian Riedel

Research Scientist & Manager

I am research scientist and Manager at Facebook AI Research since 2018, and a faculty member at UCL since 2012. Before that I was a postdoc at UMass and the University of Tokyo, and did my PhD at the University of Edinburgh.


Natural Language Processing, Machine Reading and Reasoning, Graphical Models, Question Answering, Fact Checking, Program Induction and Synthesis, Neuro-Symbolic methods

Latest Publications

Question and Answer Test-Train Overlap in Open-Domain Question Answering Datasets

Patrick Lewis, Pontus Stenetorp, Sebastian Riedel

arXiv - August 5, 2020

TABERT: Pretraining for Joint Understanding of Textual and Tabular Data

Pengcheng Yin, Graham Neubig, Wen-tau Yih, Sebastian Riedel

ACL - July 5, 2020

MVFST-RL: An Asynchronous RL Framework for Congestion Control with Delayed Actions

Viswanath Sivakumar, Tim Rocktäschel, Alexander H. Miller, Heinrich Küttler, Nantas Nardelli, Mike Rabbat, Joelle Pineau, Sebastian Riedel

Workshop on ML for Systems at NeurIPS - November 30, 2019

Language Models as Knowledge Bases?

Fabio Petroni, Tim Rocktäschel, Patrick Lewis, Anton Bakhtin, Yuxiang Wu, Alexander H. Miller, Sebastian Riedel

EMNLP - November 4, 2019

Unsupervised Question Answering by Cloze Translation

Patrick Lewis, Ludovic Denoyer, Sebastian Riedel

ACL - July 27, 2019