I joined Facebook AI Research in the fall 2013. I previously worked at Google in the Brain team, and before that, I was a post-doctoral fellow in Machine Learning at the University of Toronto working with Geoffrey Hinton. I did my Ph.D. in Computer Science at New York University in Yann LeCun’s group. I am originally from Padova in Italy, where I graduated in Electronics Engineering. I am interested in Machine Learning, Computer Vision and, more generally, Artificial Intelligence. I have worked on Unsupervised Learning algorithms using both probabilistic graphical models and energy-based models. I also used these algorithms to build hierarchical models, called deep networks. I applied these models to a variety of applications, such as visual object recognition, speech recognition and text document retrieval. I am currently working on non-linear dynamical systems to analyze data streams.


I am co-organizing the First Deep Learning Symposium at NIPS 2015. Also, I am chairing the Demo session at NIPS 2015. I have been serving as Area Chair for several conferences, including ICML, NIPS, CVPR and ICCV.

Useful links

An introductory lecture on convolutional neural networks for vision applications.


Machine learning (deep learning, energy based models, probabilistic graphical models, structure prediction), vision (low-level image statistics, image recognition, feature learning, image denoising), speech (acoustic modeling), text processing (language modeling, topic modeling).

Latest Publications