Thibault Peyronel

Research Scientist

I have been a research scientist at Facebook Connectivity Lab since 2015. My work focuses on innovation across different fields, including satellite connectivity, wireless communications and fiber. I enjoy working on a wide range of problems, spanning from system analysis to material science. Prior to joining Facebook I was a post-doctoral Fellow at the Harvard Quantum Optics Center. Before that, I received my PhD from MIT, working on atomic physics and quantum optics experiments. In particular, I built an experiment demonstrating that photons, who typically do not interact with one another, could strongly repel or attract each other while traveling through carefully laser-cooled atomic vapors. This work was recognized by the APS 2014 Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Research in AMO Physics award. My BS and MS were pursued in France, at Louis-Le-Grand Preparatory Classes and Ecole Polytechnique.

Latest Publications

"Optica" Published by the Optical Society (OSA) - February 11, 2021

Low-loss, Centimeter-scale Plasmonic Metasurface for Ultrafast Optoelectronics

Andrew J. Traverso, Jiani Huang, Thibault Peyronel, Guoce Yang, Tobias G. Tiecke, Maiken H. Mikkelsen

ACS Photonics 2018 - May 16, 2018

Plasmonic Nanoantenna Arrays as Efficient Etendue Reducers for 2 Optical Detection

Shaojun Wang, Quynh Le-Van, Thibault Peyronel, Mohammad Ramezani, Niels Van Hoof, Tobias Tiecke, Jaime Gomez Rivas

Optica 3 - July 19, 2016

Luminescent Detector for Free-Space Optical Communication

Thibault Peyronel, Kevin Quirk, S. C. Wang, Tobias Tiecke