Dan Nguyen

UX Participant Recruiter

I am a UX research participant recruiter at Facebook and I joined the team in 2017. My role is to provide logistical and recruiting support for UX research teams and researchers on various projects across Facebook and Instagram. Previously, I worked at Google in a similar role. I graduated from Santa Clara University with a BS in psychology and a minor in public health.


Human computer interaction, design thinking, and research methodologies

Latest Publications

Demonstration of a Bidirectional Coherent Air-to-Ground Optical Link

Chien-Chung Chen, Andrew Grier, Matt Malfa, Eric Booen, Harvard Harding, Matt Chiyun Xia, Matt Hunwardsen, Joseph Demers, Konstantin Kudinov, Gary Mak, Brett Smith, Adit Sahasrabudhe, Ferze Patawaran, Tony Wang, Alan Wang, Cen Zhao, Dee Leang, Jonathan Gin, Mark Lewis, Boyang Zhang, Dan Nguyen, Dominic Jandrain, Farhana Haque, Kevin Quirk

SPIE Photonics West 2018 - February 15, 2018