Natalia Neverova

Research Scientist

I am a research scientist on the Facebook AI Research (FAIR) team interested in deep learning and computer vision. Before coming to FAIR, I worked on my PhD at INSA Lyon and University of Guelph under the guidance of Christian Wolf and Graham Taylor. I also spent several months as a visiting researcher at Google.


Deep learning and computer vision

Latest Publications

NeurIPS - December 1, 2020

Continuous Surface Embeddings

Natalia Neverova, David Novotny, Vasil Khalidov, Marc Szafraniec, Patrick Labatut, Andrea Vedaldi

CVPR - May 31, 2020

Transferring Dense Pose to Proximal Animal Classes

Artsiom Sanakoyeu, Vasil Khalidov, Maureen S. McCarthy, Andrea Vedaldi, Natalia Neverova

ICLR - February 21, 2020

CoPhy: Counterfactual Learning of Physical Dynamics

Fabien Baradel, Natalia Neverova, Julien Mille, Greg Mori, Christian Wolf

NeurIPS - November 17, 2019

Correlated Uncertainty for Learning Dense Correspondences from Noisy Labels

Natalia Neverova, David Novotny, Andrea Vedaldi

ICCV - September 5, 2019

C3DPO: Canonical 3D Pose Networks for Non-Rigid Structure From Motion

David Novotny, Nikhila Ravi, Benjamin Graham, Natalia Neverova, Andrea Vedaldi

CVPR - June 9, 2019

Slim DensePose: Thrifty Learning from Sparse Annotations and Motion Cues

Natalia Neverova, James Thewlis, Riza Alp Guler, Iasonas Kokkinos, Andrea Vedaldi

ECCV 2018 - September 10, 2018

Dense Pose Transfer

Natalia Neverova, Riza Alp Guler, Iasonas Kokkinos

ECCV 2018 - September 7, 2018

Object Level Visual Reasoning in Videos

Fabien Baradel, Natalia Neverova, Christian Wolf, Julien Mille, Greg Mori

BMVC 2018 - September 4, 2018

Mass Displacement Networks

Natalia Neverova, Iasonas Kokkinos

CVPR 2018 - June 18, 2018

DensePose: Dense Human Pose Estimation In The Wild

Riza Alp Guler, Natalia Neverova, Iasonas Kokkinos

NIPS 2017 - December 4, 2017

Houdini: Fooling Deep Structured Visual and Speech Recognition Models with Adversarial Examples

Moustapha Cisse, Yossi Adi, Natalia Neverova, Joseph Keshet

ICCV 2017 - October 22, 2017

Predicting Deeper into the Future of Semantic Segmentation

Pauline Luc, Natalia Neverova, Camille Couprie, Jakob Verbeek, Yann LeCun

FG 2017 - May 31, 2017

Modout: Learning Multi-modal Architectures by Stochastic Regularization

Fan Li, Natalia Neverova, Christian Wolf, Graham Taylor