David Meisner

Engineering Manager

I work on the Service Management stack at Facebook, which is how we create, understand, and operate backend services in Facebook’s infrastructure. Our team provides developers the platform to manage the facets of their service including: deployment, capacity, health, and monitoring.


Distributed systems, computer architecture, service management

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Latest Publications

Treadmill: Attributing the Source of Tail Latency through Precise Load Testing and Statistical Inference

Yunqi Zhang, David Meisner, Jason Mars, Lingjia Tang

ISCA - June 11, 2016

The Mystery Machine: End-to-end Performance Analysis of Large-scale Internet Services

Mike Chow, David Meisner, Jason Flinn, Daniel Peek, Thomas Wenisch

OSDI - October 6, 2014

Thin Servers with Smart Pipes: Designing SoC Accelerators for Memcached

Kevin Lim, David Meisner, Ali Saidi, Parthasarathy Ranganathan, Thomas Wenisch

ISCA - June 23, 2013