Jason McHugh

Software Engineer

I am an engineer in the Facebook Computational Photography group as of Fall 2015. Prior to joining the Computational Photography team at Facebook, I had a diverse career.

During my undergraduate education, I was interested in how technology could be used to help individuals with special needs. I worked with Professor James Gips at Boston college on EagleEyes. While at graduate school I focused on database systems—specifically query optimization for distributed systems.

A five year stint at a startup ( taught me about distributed systems and 3D graphics. Everyone at this company also learned a lot about how to not ship a big product! During my 8.5 year period at, I worked on the design and launch of Amazon Prime, the original eInk Kindle, four years on S3 in AWS, and several years in the digital products group working on device development. Prior to joining the Computational Photography group at Facebook, I worked in the Facebook Ads organization working on Atlas—a third party AdServer.

I like to make things (for example) in my spare time.


Computational social science and social network analysis