Winter Mason

Data Scientist

I am a Computational Social Scientist (a.k.a. Data Scientist) at Facebook. I received my Ph.D. from Indiana University in social psychology and cognitive science in 2007 and did a post-doc in the Human and Social Dynamics lab at Yahoo. I do research on social networks and social media, including crowdsourcing, group dynamics, and social influence.


Computational social science, social psychology, crowdsourcing, social networks and social media

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Latest Publications

Understanding Short-term Changes in Online Activity Sessions

Farshad Kooti, Karthik Subbian, Winter Mason, Lada Adamic, Kristina Lerman

WWW - April 3, 2017

The Social Ties of Immigrant Communities in the United States

Amaç Herdağdelen, Bogdan State, Lada Adamic, Winter Mason

WEBSCI - May 22, 2016