Dionysios Logothetis

Software Engineer


Distributed systems, large-scale data management and graph processing

Latest Publications

ICDCS - July 28, 2018

Generating synthetic social graphs with Darwini

Sergey Edunov, Dionysios Logothetis, Avery Ching, Maja Kabiljo, Cheng Wang

ICDE - April 1, 2017

Spinner: Scalable Graph Partitioning in the Cloud

Claudio Martella, Dionysios Logothetis, Andreas Loukas, Georgos Siganos

VLDB - August 31, 2015

One Trillion Edges: Graph Processing at Facebook-Scale

Avery Ching, Sergey Edunov, Maja Kabiljo, Dionysios Logothetis, Sambavi Muthukrishnan