Eric Lippert

Software Engineer

I design and implement programming languages and related developer tools. Past language design work includes JavaScript, Visual Basic, VBScript, and C# at Microsoft and the Hack and Bean Machine languages at Facebook.

My current work focusses on extraction, analysis and optimization of Bayesian networks from probabilistic languages.

I write a blog about programming language design and other fabulous adventures in programming at


Programming languages, developer tools, automated program repair, probabilistic languages

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PROBPROG - October 17, 2020

PPL Bench: Evaluation Framework For Probabilistic Programming Languages

Sourabh Kulkarni, Kinjal Divesh Shah, Nimar Arora, Xiaoyan Wang, Yucen Lily Li, Nazanin Khosravani Tehrani, Michael Tingley, David Noursi, Narjes Torabi, Sepehr Akhavan Masouleh, Eric Lippert, Erik Meijer

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