Xian Li

Research Scientist

I am a research scientist working on Machine Translation at Facebook AI. I earned my PhD at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) advised by James Hendler. Prior to Facebook, I have worked on a variety of machine learning problems at Stitch Fix, Google and Morgan Stanley.


Natural language processing, neural machine translation, multi-lingual models, few shot / zero shot learning

Latest Publications

Findings of the First Shared Task on Machine Translation Robustness

Xian Li, Paul Michel, Antonios Anastasopoulos, Yonatan Belinkov, Nadir Durrani, Orhan Firat, Philipp Koehn, Graham Neubig, Juan Pino, Hassan Sajjad

WMT - November 25, 2019

FlowSeq: Non-Autoregressive Conditional Sequence Generation with Generative Flow

Xuezhe Ma, Chunting Zhou, Xian Li, Graham Neubig, Eduard Hovy

EMNLP - November 1, 2019

On Evaluation of Adversarial Perturbations for Sequence-to-Sequence Models

Paul Michel, Xian Li, Graham Neubig, Juan Pino

NAACL - June 10, 2019

Design and Evaluation of a Social Media Writing Support Tool for People with Dyslexia

Shaomei Wu, Lindsay Reynolds, Xian Li, Francisco (Paco) Guzman

CHI - May 4, 2019

A Corpus for Multilingual Document Classification in Eight Languages

Holger Schwenk, Xian Li

LREC 2018 - May 7, 2018