Hongyu Li

Software Engineer

I’m a Software Engineer in the Big Code team within the Probability organization. I have been focusing on applying machine learning techniques on various software engineering problems, such as code search, code completion, language modeling for code, etc. I’m passionate about building systems and infrastructure to improve developer productivity with data-driven solutions.


Machine learning, software engineering, language modeling, programming languages

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Latest Publications

ESEC/FSE - November 23, 2020

When Deep Learning Met Code Search

José Cambronero, Hongyu Li, Seohyun Kim, Koushik Sen, Satish Chandra

arXiv - September 30, 2019

Neural Code Search Evaluation Dataset

Hongyu Li, Seohyun Kim, Satish Chandra

Machine Learning and Programming Languages Workshop at ACM SIGPLAN - May 15, 2019

Retrieval on Source Code: A Neural Code Search

Saksham Sachdev, Hongyu Li, Sifei Luan, Seohyun Kim, Koushik Sen, Satish Chandra