Nadine Levin

User Experience Researcher

I am a mixed methods UX researcher on the Product Foundation team, where I use ethnographically-minded qualitative methods to tackle Facebook’s user experience from a holistic perspective.

Using my mixed background in lab science, healthcare, and anthropology, I conduct research to challenge our assumptions about how and why various populations use Facebook. I also lead a Research Bias Initiative, which focuses on educating researchers about how to do more inclusive global research.

I received my PhD from Oxford University. Funded by a Rhodes Scholarship, I explored the challenges researchers face as they try to integrate big data into biomedical research, and how big data is changing the nature of disease diagnoses and care. At various times and places, I had the opportunity to work on the immune response to bubonic plague, nutritional patterns in Kenya, and the social implications of post-genomic research.

Prior to Facebook, I was a researcher at the University of Exeter and UCLA, and have done collaborative research at the Imperial College London, Cambridge University, the European Bioinformatics Institute, and the Scripps Research Institute.


Ethnography, bias, accessibility, foundational research, emerging markets, teaching, and health (broadly speaking).

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