Julius Kusuma

Research Scientist

I am a research scientist in the Facebook Connectivity Lab, working on technologies for enabling connectivity for the unconnected and improving connectivity in challenged areas. I am working to improve internet accessibility and internet speed, through a program called COSMIC — Comprehensive Optimization, Simulation and Modeling In Connectivity. The COSMIC program comprises of several domains: Rural Connectivity, Wireless Networks. To achieve the greatest impact, I work with research experts in industry and academia in several areas, including wireless communication, radio technologies, millimeter wave, network technologies, and econometrics.

In rural connectivity, I have several initiatives including: improving network planning using physics-based signal modeling tools; infrastructure optimization algorithms; cost and coverage modeling. In wireless networks, I have several initiatives including: cross-layer modeling and optimization; interference mitigation through smart algorithms.

Prior to Facebook, I was principal scientist and program manager at Schlumberger Research, working on communication and sensing systems for Subsurface and Subsea systems in the oilfield domain. I worked on digital communication systems for drilling, wireline, and reservoir characterization, using electro-magnetics, acoustics, and cables. My team and I were the first to demonstrate real-time wireless video at 1km over a subsea channel, using acoustics. I have also done some work on the information theory of cloud storage, low-rate sampling for neurophysical applications. I received my PhD from MIT in 2006, where I was an MIT Presidential Fellow; my MS from UC Berkeley in 2001, where I received the Demetri Angelakos Memorial Award; and my BS from Purdue University in 1999, where I received the Rappaport Wireless Comms Scholarship.


Connectivity systems, signal processing, wireless communication, system modeling, information theory, networks

Latest Publications

itmlogic: The Irregular Terrain Model by Longley and Rice

Edward J. Oughton, Tom Russell, Joel Johnson, Caglar Yardim, Julius Kusuma

Journal of Open Source Software Blog - July 6, 2020

Gabor Frame-Based Sparsification and Radiation Boundary Conditions for Parabolic Wave Equations

Max Bright, Julius Kusuma, Eric Michielssen

IEEE AP-S/URSI - July 8, 2019