Farshad Kooti

Data Scientist - Core Data Science

I am a data scientist on the Core Data Science team. Recently, I’ve been studying antisocial behavior on Facebook, including scams, trolling and misinformation. Many of these problems are particularly challenging to solve because they are hard to define and we lack labeled data. My work usually starts with an exploratory analysis of the problem and then developing models to allow us take actions on violating content or users to make Facebook a safer place. Before joining Facebook, I earned my PhD in Computer Science at University of Southern California.


Computational social science and social network analysis

Latest Publications

PNAS - July 6, 2020

Adherence to suicide reporting guidelines by news shared on a social networking platform

Steven A. Sumner, Moira Burke, Farshad Kooti

WWW - April 3, 2017

Understanding Short-term Changes in Online Activity Sessions

Farshad Kooti, Karthik Subbian, Winter Mason, Lada Adamic, Kristina Lerman