Lefteris Kokoris Kogias

Research Scientist

I joined Novi in June 2020. I am interested in increasing the digital trust of online information and processes, especially those that impact the physical world. I am working on building a scalable and robust infrastructure for the future decentralized internet focusing on scalable blockchain systems, bias-resistant decentralized randomness generation, secure software update dispersion and novel applications of threshold cryptography and distributed consensus. Prior to Novi, I received my PhD from EPFL working with Prof. Bryan Ford on scalable and confidential blockchains.


  • 2017 IBM PhD Fellow
  • 2018 IBM PhD Fellow


Theory and practice of decentralized and distributed systems

Latest Publications

Asynchronous Distributed Key Generation for Computationally Secure Randomness, Consensus, and Threshold Signatures

Lefteris Kokoris Kogias, Dahlia Malkhi, Alexander Spiegelman

CCS - November 3, 2020