Andrew Knox

Research Scientist

I am on the Statistics & Privacy team, an interdisciplinary team of research scientists working to understand and improve monetization and individual privacy at Facebook.

I focus on applying advances in cryptography and differential privacy to Facebook ad products and the larger advertising industry. My particular area of interest is providing strong privacy guarantees for outcome measurement that enables efficient ad media purchases decisions, such as cross-channel or cross-publisher multi-touch attribution products.

I joined Facebook in 2016 after several years in data engineering and consulting for bank/insurance fraud and ad performance modeling. I studied physics as an undergraduate, with a focus on high speed data collection and coincidence analysis for nuclear structure experiments.

Latest Publications

CODE - November 20, 2020

Privacy-Preserving Randomized Controlled Trials: A Protocol for Industry Scale Deployment (Extended Abstract)

Mahnush Movahedi, Benjamin M. Case, Andrew Knox, Li Li, Yiming Paul Li, Sanjay Saravanan, Shubho Sengupta, Erik Taubeneck