Hyojeong Kim

Software Engineering Manager

I am an Engineering Manager at Facebook Network Infra team. I work on routing protocol services running on Facebook datacenter and backbone production network. I completed my PhD from Purdue University with research on Internet routing, network security, and distributed simulation. Since then, I worked as Software Engineer at Cisco Systems on Internet routing protocol development and then Software Engineer at Facebook working on software service managing egress traffic on edge points-of-presence.


Networking and systems, network routing, BGP, software-defined network, network verification, intent-based network

Latest Publications

SIGCOMM - August 21, 2017

Engineering Egress with Edge Fabric: Steering Oceans of Content to the World

Brandon Schlinker, Hyojeong Kim, Timothy Cui, Ethan Katz-Bassett, Harsha V. Madhyastha, Italo Cunha, James Quinn, Saif Hasan, Petr Lapukhov, James Hongyi Zeng