Vasil Khalidov

Research Engineer

I joined Facebook AI Research (FAIR) as a Research Engineer in 2016. I received a Master’s degree with distinction in Computer Science from St.Petersburg State University with Prof. Oleg N. Granitchin in 2005, and completed my Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics with Prof. Florence Forbes, Prof. Stephane Girard and Prof. Radu Horaud in 2010, working on statistical models for audio-visual person detection and tracking. I spent two years as a PostDoc in Human-Robot Interaction with Dr. Jean-Marc Odobez at Idiap Research Institute and continued as a Senior Research Engineer at Idiap Research Institute.


AI, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Optimization

Latest Publications

NeurIPS - December 1, 2020

Continuous Surface Embeddings

Natalia Neverova, David Novotny, Vasil Khalidov, Marc Szafraniec, Patrick Labatut, Andrea Vedaldi

CVPR - May 31, 2020

Transferring Dense Pose to Proximal Animal Classes

Artsiom Sanakoyeu, Vasil Khalidov, Maureen S. McCarthy, Andrea Vedaldi, Natalia Neverova

NeurIPS - December 3, 2018

Forward Modeling for Partial Observation Strategy Games – A StarCraft Defogger

Gabriel Synnaeve, Zeming Lin, Jonas Gehring, Dan Gant, Vegard Mella, Vasil Khalidov, Nicolas Carion, Nicolas Usunier

AAAI AIIDE 2017 - October 5, 2017

STARDATA: a StarCraft AI Research Dataset

Zeming Lin, Jonas Gehring, Vasil Khalidov, Gabriel Synnaeve