Adrienne Kates


I have been working as a User Experience Researcher at Facebook since 2018. I focus on the needs of small businesses around the world, how they use social media to promote their business, and how they communicate with customers online. I use mostly qualitative research methods to identify top problems, communicate key concerns, and help product teams prioritize.

Before coming to Facebook, I studied at the University of Chicago and Georgetown University where I completed a PhD in History. I used a combination of historical and anthropological research methods to understand the lives and experiences of indigenous peoples during a commodity export boom in the Yucat√°n Peninsula, Mexico. My project explored the ways in which autonomous, rural communities adapted to a changing economic system and increasing state power. At Facebook, I continue to leverage my comfort in international contexts and commitment to representing diverse perspectives to highlight the needs of everyday people


International research, emerging markets, ethnography, small businesses, storytelling