I joined Facebook in the fall of 2016 as a product manager for the Computational Photography team in the Applied Machine Learning Group where I am helping to deliver on the vision to use advanced image processing, computer vision, data analytics and artificial intelligence to “empower users to visually capture and share their world and experiences in order to create compelling and immersive stories.”

Prior to joining the team, I led the Human Understanding group for the Hololens team in Microsoft, where I worked for 8 years at Microsoft Research and Windows Azure. Prior to that engagement I worked on distributed systems and networking research for Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Corporation for National Research Initiatives.

I am an adjunct research professor with University of New Mexico where I have co-advised PhD students and served as co-PI for NSF grants. I have also served as advisor to several Latin American Universities in research, digital libraries and remote education projects.


Distributed systems and networking, applied machine learning, computational photography, computer vision, augmented and virtual reality, and human computer interfaces