Shankar Iyer

Research Scientist - Core Data Science

I’m a research scientist on the Computational Social Science team and am currently working on Disaster Mapping and Social Good efforts. I’ve also contributed to Facebook’s efforts to measure the sense of community that people feel while using our products. Methodologically, I am interested in using the tools of network science to address social science problems. Prior to joining Facebook in May 2017, I was on the data science team at Quora. Before that, I completed a PhD in condensed matter physics at Caltech.


Network science, computational social science, data for good

Latest Publications

GRID - February 19, 2021

Measuring Long-Term Displacement Using Facebook Data

Eugenia Giraudy, Paige Maas, Shankar Iyer, Zack Almquist, JW Schneider, Alex Dow

ICWSM - June 8, 2020

When Does Trust in Online Social Groups Grow?

Shankar Iyer, Justin Cheng, Nick Brown, Xiuhua Wang

Applied Network Science - June 24, 2019

When can overambitious seeding cost you?

Shankar Iyer, Lada Adamic

ISCRAM - May 19, 2019

Facebook Disaster Maps: Aggregate Insights for Crisis Response & Recovery

Paige Maas, Shankar Iyer, Andreas Gros, Wonhee Park, Laura McGorman, Chaya Nayak, Alex Dow

CHI - May 4, 2019

When Do People Trust Their Social Groups?

Xiao Ma, Justin Cheng, Shankar Iyer, Mor Naaman

Complex Networks 2018 - December 11, 2018

The Costs of Overambitious Seeding of Social Products

Shankar Iyer, Lada Adamic