I am a computer vision engineer in the mobile vision team. I joined Facebook at May 2015, worked on building computer vision system at Facebook scale from data collection tools to automatic training pipeline. In 2016, as mobile AI usage rose up, I started to focus more on optimizing computer vision algorithm for mobile device, including real-time style transfer, object classification, Mask-RCNN and depth prediction. I’m so excited to join the tech revolution of AI and impact people’s daily life.
Before joining Facebook, I graduated from UCLA as master in computer science. My advisor was Dr. Songchun Zhu. Thanks to his guidance, I rebuilt my mathematical understanding. I got my Bachelor degree at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou. It’s the most beautiful city in China where Alibaba located. I was born and raised in Guangzhou, the origin of Dim-sum. I enjoy taste different food in my spare time.


Image classification, object detection, neural network inference acceleration, single-image depth prediction, and neural network model optimization for embedded device.

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