Yunzhong He

Software Engineer

I am a Software Engineer working on the machine learning & NLP behind Facebook’s search engine. My work focuses on neural information retrieval, search ranking, and query & document understandings. Prior to joining Facebook, I worked on robot learning at UCLA.


Machine learning, natural language processing, information retrieval

Latest Publications

SIGKDD - August 2, 2021

Que2Search: Fast and Accurate Query and Document Understanding for Search at Facebook

Yiqun Liu, Kaushik Rangadurai, Yunzhong He, Siddarth Malreddy, Xunlong Gui, Xiaoyi Liu, Fedor Borisyuk

arXiv - May 8, 2020

A Social Search Model for Large Scale Social Networks

Yunzhong He, Wenyuan Li, Liang-Wei Chen, Gabriel Forgues, Xunlong Gui, Sui Liang, Bo Hou