Sam Gross

Research Engineer

I am a research engineer at Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research. Before joining Facebook, I was the co-founder of Jam Labs, providing software development and consulting. I previously worked as a software engineer at Yext. I received my B.S. in Computer Science and M.Eng. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT


Computer vision, high-performance computing, hardware/software co-design, programming languages & tools

Latest Publications

PyTorch: An Imperative Style, High-Performance Deep Learning Library

Adam Paszke, Sam Gross, Francisco Massa, Adam Lerer, James Bradbury, Gregory Chanan, Trevor Killeen, Zeming Lin, Natalia Gimelshein, Luca Antiga, Alban Desmaison, Andreas Köpf, Edward Yang, Zach DeVito, Martin Raison, Alykhan Tejani, Sasank Chilamkurthy, Benoit Steiner, Lu Fang, Junjie Bai, Soumith Chintala

NeurIPS - December 2, 2019

Deep Counterfactual Regret Minimization

Noam Brown, Adam Lerer, Sam Gross, Tuomas Sandholm

ICML - June 4, 2019

FAIRSEQ: A Fast, Extensible Toolkit for Sequence Modeling

Myle Ott, Sergey Edunov, Alexei Baevski, Angela Fan, Sam Gross, Nathan Ng, David Grangier, Michael Auli

NAACL - June 3, 2019

A MultiPath Network for Object Detection

Sergey Zagoruyko, Adam Lerer, Tsung-Yi Lin, Pedro O. Pinheiro, Sam Gross, Soumith Chintala, Piotr Dollar

BMVC - September 18, 2016

Learning Physical Intuition of Block Towers by Example

Adam Lerer, Sam Gross, Rob Fergus

ICML 2016 - June 18, 2016