Qucheng Gong

Research Engineer

I am a research engineer at Facebook AI Research (FAIR). I attended UC Berkeley from 2010 to 2013, where I received a Bachelor’s degree in EECS and Math.


Machine Learning, Games and Reasoning

Latest Publications

NeurIPS - December 2, 2019

Hierarchical Decision Making by Generating and Following Natural Language Instructions

Hengyuan Hu, Denis Yarats, Qucheng Gong, Yuandong Tian, Mike Lewis

ICML - June 11, 2019

ELF OpenGo: An Analysis and Open Reimplementation of AlphaZero

Yuandong Tian, Jerry Ma, Qucheng Gong, Shubho Sengupta, Zhuoyuan Chen, James Pinkerton, Larry Zitnick

NIPS 2017 - December 4, 2017

ELF: An Extensive, Lightweight and Flexible Research Platform for Real-time Strategy Games

Yuandong Tian, Qucheng Gong, Wenling Shang, Yuxin Wu, Larry Zitnick