Oran Gafni

Research Engineer

I am a research engineer in the Facebook AI Research (FAIR) group. I hold a Bachelor and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Tel-Aviv University, under the supervision of Prof. Lior Wolf. My thesis focused on live semantic face editing in video, using deep adversarial autoencoders.

Before joining Facebook, I worked for 7 years as a DSP algorithms & system engineer.


My research focuses on deep learning, and includes topics such as computer vision, generative models, image/video synthesis, and face/body synthesis.

Latest Publications

CVPR - June 18, 2021

Single-Shot Freestyle Dance Reenactment

Oran Gafni, Oron Ashual, Lior Wolf

CVPR - June 13, 2020

Wish You Were Here: Context-Aware Human Generation

Oran Gafni, Lior Wolf

ICLR - March 10, 2020

Vid2Game: Controllable Characters Extracted from Real-World Videos

Oran Gafni, Lior Wolf, Yaniv Taigman

ICCV - October 27, 2019

Live Face De-Identification in Video

Oran Gafni, Lior Wolf, Yaniv Taigman