Hello! I’m a user experience researcher currently working on the Videos team at Facebook. Prior to joining Facebook in May 2014, I was a games user researcher at KIXEYE, a web/mobile gaming startup that, coincidentally, made games that lived on Facebook! Since joining Facebook, I’ve been lucky enough to have an impact on a variety of projects and learn a ton while doing so. This has included standalone apps like Rooms, Groups, and Notify, and huge initiatives on Facebook such as Instant Articles, our Accessibility team’s Automatic Alt Text project, and Facebook Live. I particularly love doing qualitative research, as it allows me to paint a picture of what is happening in a specific context to allow our product teams to make solid decisions. What drives me is the idea of acting as a service to our extremely talented designers and engineers in order to build the most delightful, easy-to-use, and functional products we possibly can. I hold a Masters in HCI from the University of Michigan School of Information (2012) and a B.S. in Cognitive Science from UC San Diego (2010). I’m an avid gamer, and was at one point considered one of the best Dance Dance Revolution players in the world (I’m actually clawing my way back up the rankings now)! Throw down requests happily accepted (Messenger payments only, folks).


Usability research, qualitative research methods, gaming research, cognitive psychology

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