I am an Engineering Manager working on Software Verification and Static Analysis.

I received my PhD from University of Twente (NL). After several years of academic research at Queen Mary University of London, I co-founded Monoidics Ltd, a London-based high-tech start-up providing automatic software verification to safety critical industries. Monoidics was acquired by Facebook in 2013. I maintain a part-time Professor position at Queen Mary University of London.

My research interests include programming languages, static analysis, logic, and program verification.

I co-developed several software tools for program analysis and verification. The latest tool, the Facebook Infer program analyzer, helps developers to identify bugs before software is shipped to users.

I am the recipient of the Roger Needham Award 2012, the Royal Academy of Engineering Silver Medal 2014, and the CAV 2016 Award.



Programming languages, static analysis, logic, and program verification