Aaron Defazio

Postdoctoral Researcher

Born in Australia, I completed my undergraduate studies at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra, where I completed a bachelor’s in computer science (hons). I received a University Medal for graduating at the top of my class. I did my PhD on “New Optimization Methods for Machine Learning” at ANU in Australia in collaboration with the research group NICTA/DATA61. I have experience working on applied problems as a consultant data scientist, as well as basic research.


Optimization, Bayesian techniques, graph structure inference, and data science

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Latest Publications

NeurIPS - December 8, 2019

On the Curved Geometry of Accelerated Optimization

Aaron Defazio

NeurIPS - December 8, 2019

On the Ineffectiveness of Variance Reduced Optimization for Deep Learning

Aaron Defazio, Léon Bottou