George Danezis

Research Scientist

I am working as a Research Scientist within the Facebook Novi team, looking at distributed systems security, scalability, and privacy topics. I am also a Professor of Security and Privacy Engineering at University College London (UCL).

Previously, I headed the Information Security Research Group at UCL Computer Science, was a researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge, and a post-doc at KU Leuven and Cambridge where I got my PhD. I also co-founded, and advise a number of startups in security, privacy and blockchains.


I have done active research and published over 90 peer-reviewed articles on Distributed Systems Security, Privacy Enhancing Technologies, Machine Learning & Security, Infrastructure Security, and Applied Cryptography.

Latest Publications

AFT - November 1, 2020

FastPay: High-Performance Byzantine Fault Tolerant Settlement

Mathieu Baudet, George Danezis, Alberto Sonnino

AFT - October 23, 2020

Winkle: Foiling Long-Range Attacks in Proof-of-Stake Systems

Sarah Azouvi, George Danezis, Valeria Nikolaenko