Justin Cheng

Research Scientist - Core Data Science

I am a computer scientist on the Core Data Science team at Facebook, and my research lies at the intersection of data science and human-computer interaction. My current interests include cascading behavior in social networks, psychological well-being, and online antisocial behavior. My work has received a best paper award, as well as several best paper nominations at CHI, CSCW, ICWSM and WWW. I earned my PhD in computer science at Stanford University.


Computational social science, social network analysis and social computing

Latest Publications

CSCW - October 17, 2020

Country Differences in Social Comparison on Social Media

Justin Cheng, Moira Burke, Bethany de Gant

ICWSM - June 8, 2020

When Does Trust in Online Social Groups Grow?

Shankar Iyer, Justin Cheng, Nick Brown, Xiuhua Wang

CHI - April 25, 2020

Social Comparison and Facebook: Feedback, Positivity, and Opportunities for Comparison

Moira Burke, Justin Cheng, Bethany de Gant

CHI - April 20, 2020

Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood: Comparing Intentions and Perceptions in Online Discussions

Jonathan Chang, Justin Cheng, Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil

CHI - May 4, 2019

Understanding Perceptions of Problematic Facebook Use

Justin Cheng, Moira Burke, Elena Goetz Davis

CHI - May 4, 2019

When Do People Trust Their Social Groups?

Xiao Ma, Justin Cheng, Shankar Iyer, Mor Naaman

ICWSM 2018 - June 25, 2018

Do Diffusion Protocols Govern Cascade Growth?

Justin Cheng, Jon Kleinberg, Jure Leskovec, David Liben-Nowell, Bogdan State, Karthik Subbian, Lada Adamic

WWW - April 11, 2016

Do Cascades Recur?

Justin Cheng, Lada Adamic, Jon Kleinberg, Jure Leskovec

ICWSM - June 2, 2014

Rumor Cascades

Adrien Friggeri, Lada Adamic, Dean Eckles, Justin Cheng

WWW - April 7, 2014

Can cascades be predicted?

Justin Cheng, Lada Adamic, Alex Dow, Jon Kleinberg, Jure Leskovec